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What is the reason men go to escorts?

Whats the reason men go to escorts

We have heard many people ask questions about this subject such as ‘why would anyone go to an escort?’ Others don’t even ask the question; they are so quick to jump to conclusions that any man who pays an escort is simply disgusting and should be very ashamed of themselves. Others still, will blame it on ‘male sex drive’ and the men’s inability to keep it ‘in their pants.’

Perhaps more surprisingly, those kinds of statements are made by both women and men, especially women who don’t understand that men have a penis between their legs and they need to use it. By the end of this article, I hope to enlighten you on this topic and help you get a better and a more precise understanding. Kindly note that I’m not writing about morality neither is it about sexual laws. I’m merely just enlightening some ill-informed folks who are like ‘this is how HE SHOULD live.’

Why men go to escorts

Dehumanizing men who pay escorts

It is easy to dehumanize men who go to escorts and make them out as evil and predatory. I am not disputing the fact that some men are indeed evil and do some nasty things to women but let’s face it, there are evil women as well.  Some men are also addicted to buying sex, but I’m not interested in that thought process either. I can talk about that some other day. That aside, here are some of the reasons men go to escorts.

Urge to fuck a hot woman

Well, this might sound a bit surprising, but it is one of the main reasons. You see, men who pay escorts are not all horrible individuals, as a matter of fact they are just regular guys. You will be surprised that most of them are in fact decent looking and have good jobs. But what they may have in career accomplishment and looks, they may lack regarding personalities. Others may not have the time to date and face the rejection that could potentially arise. What other way of screwing a hot girl than to call on an escort?

Escorts are some of the hottest women out there, and they give men a golden opportunity to fulfill their sexual desires while offering them the easiest way to fuck a stunning beauty. You know, all he has to do is pay.

Why men go to escorts

Wanting to be in charge

There is some thrill that comes with being in charge. Ask any man, and they all agree. However, this doesn’t always happen in a normal relationship. Apart from one guy who told me he actually paid an escort so SHE could be in charge, most men love taking control. The woman will still be having a good time, but it is the man who is on the driving seat because you know what? He paid for it!

There’s nothing like being able to demand something in bed and get it with no conditions or questions asked. Men love the physical and emotional satisfaction that comes from getting what they ask for. Whether they’d be able to get that from their girlfriends or wives is another discussion altogether.

Easy way to get laid

What is the easiest way of having sex than just choosing the woman who impresses you the most, and then have her come right at your door? The answer is, there is simply no easier route to having sex.

I have talked to guys who have previous experience paying escorts. They used several websites, word to mouth, online research. One thing is sure 100%: it gives men with the opportunity to quickly get laid every time they felt like it and at any time of the day. Fucking a regular girl may not be as easy as many people tend to think, so you still believe there is another hassle-free route than going to an escort? No there isn’t.

Why men go to escorts

Best way to avoid complications

Relationships can be complicated. We all know that. Being in a relationship sounds like a great idea until the woman starts raising hell and drama and being really annoying. Men are usually more reserved and like avoiding all the drama. Hooking up with an escort represents a great opportunity. All they needs to do is pay up, and everyone is happy. The men won’t have to be financially and emotionally invested in the girl, and once she leaves, there is little chance of her bothering him again. For her it’s strictly business.

Many men in prominent positions are socially awkward and find it very challenging to find someone they can get intimate with. Others are too busy to play the dating game and use apps like Tinder, online dating sites and all that stuff. They find the dating game a bit too complicated for them. Also, finding the time to date so many women can be complicated. Therefore, such men find the idea of getting an escort with no strings attached very appealing.

The wife doesn’t want to have sex

Ok let’s be realistic here and not pretend that this doesn’t happen. A lot of guys out there are being starved for sex by their wives or girlfriends for many reasons. Maybe she just had a baby and she’s not interested in sex or maybe there are conflicting levels of libido and many other factors. But the man, like everyone else, wants sex. Maybe the wife does not want to get a little wild for the husband, but he can pay to get the full package. The question would be, why not?

In conclusion

These are people who just want to have a good time without the stress of being emotionally invested. I also think it is a better way to get out of boredom of being locked in your room the whole weekend watching porn and using up a full jar of Vaseline. By the end of the day, what you pay for is what you get!

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