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Spot the Gold Diggers!

Spot The Gold Digger!

Well, let’s face it – There are a lot of gold diggers out there. They can be of any age range. From their 20s to even over 50 and they are all the same. They want your money. They want to be spoiled, pampered, being taken care of and mostly they don’t want to work. Most of them look really good and they are aware that men want to fuck them so they have the power and skills to manipulate men very easily.

Like Scarface said, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women. And women will say that first you get the looks, then you get the sucker, then you get the money. Sure, we call them gold diggers, but they call themselves smart. And let’s once again face it, aren’t they smart when so many men will use their money to impress, to attract, to get or to keep their women? These kind of ladies will tell you “I want to spend the rest of your money with you” and (boom!) you are in love.

What I think should not be what you have in your mind and vice versa. We live in a free world and everyone is allowed to act exactly how he wants. My point is simple: you want to spend your fortune in order to get or to keep a woman, go ahead. In her free hours without you, she will still text me …
See this video and have a laugh

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