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5 Tips For Anal Sex

Anal sex is a popular practice that goes back to ancient past. The dark tight star is rigid, strong, tight and it stimulates a penis much more than a vagina. It definitely provides the man a lot of pleasure. Most women are not into anal sex. If you perform into anal sex in the wrong way, you won’t enjoy it much and your female partner will get hurt. Therefore it’s important you read this to prevent mistakes.


The preparation for anal sex is way different than for a blowjob or normal sex. Don’t try a quick anal preparation. It is necessary for your partner to go to the toilet to have time to do all the necessary procedures.

Right place:

The layout should be comfortable and hidden from the eyes. A bathroom and a toilet must be accessible. If you do it in hot water there will be complete relaxation, the partner will be calm and her anus will be less resistant.

Good mood:

To have anal sex a woman should be in a good mood, because the desire of doing something like this is not always there. If she’s tired, has work issues or something unpleasant then she won’t be relaxed. Her anus will not open and penetration will be very painful. If this happens, it’s better to delay this to another day.

Wrong Position:

Choosing the wrong position can make things harder to handle.

With vaginal sex, you can get creative as much as you want, but when it comes to anal sex, you must a position where sheís comfortable enough to be relaxed, as well as a position that gives easy access to her anus. In other words, try to make it as easy as possible for her.

She must feel comfortable, so you should use as many pillows as you need.

The best position for anal sex is the classic Doggy Style. Place some pillows beneath her so she can just lie on them and relax, and you can lift her body a little to create a perfect angle that facilitates anal penetration.


You MUST use a lubricant for anal sex. This is not an option. If you thinking of going in raw then you making a mistake. So don’t forget the lubricant.

Compared to the vagina, the anus has not been designed for sex, it doesnít lubricate itself. Without a lubricant you will for sure rip something inside and outside and you will only cause her to go to the hospital, therefore the lubricant is a critical component to anal sex. Spitting there won’t help either, the saliva is not a lubricant. So before you engage in anal sex, buy a good lubricant from a sex shop or online, preferably not a cheap one and one designed for anal sex.

I hope you will find this information usefull. So next time you are with a woman and you know there’s a chance you engage in anal sex, don’t forget what I mentioned. You will have fun. Trust me.

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