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Advantages of dating a MILF

Avdantages of dating a MILF

  Young men are increasingly looking for women of older age from them not only to date them but also making them their life partners. The concept of dating a MILF gained momentum after the popularity of certain TV shows including Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City etc. This new sexual trend was loved by Cougars as it allows the old ...

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How long does the average man last in bed

Jerk off to last longer

Today seeks to answer one question that not many people have a clear answer. That question is, how long does the average man last in bed? After watching too much porn, there is a concern for men to last longer in bed. It has forced men who feel like they don’t last long enough to feel very ashamed of ...

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Sex in the Future

Sex In The Future

Scientists and sexual researchers have come to a pretty interesting conclusion! They are saying that by the year 2050 more people will be choosing to have sex with robots than with real humans. Of course I can see why some people find this a troubling thought, but it’s interesting because it will enable people to get exactly what they want ...

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Sex During Period

Period Sex

So, your girl is in a not pleasant mood and so you think that means a week of no sex and a disappointing of a partner. Well, that’s a bad stereotype and it’s just not true. There are many reasons that sex on the period is a good thing, and there are many reasons you should give it a try. ...

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What is the reason men go to escorts?

Whats the reason men go to escorts

We have heard many people ask questions about this subject such as ‘why would anyone go to an escort?’ Others don’t even ask the question; they are so quick to jump to conclusions that any man who pays an escort is simply disgusting and should be very ashamed of themselves. Others still, will blame it on ‘male sex drive’ and ...

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