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World Sex Records

Prostitution is known to be as the world’s oldest profession. It’s been going on for centuries. In China, the police estimated the 83 years old with the nick of “Grandma” to be the oldest, living prostitute. Her real name is Chiu and she started working the streets like 40 years ago after her ex husband died. She’s still in business and she charges a fraction of what other prostitutes charge. What kinf of guy wants to fuck a 83 years old woman? lol.

The strongest jet of sperm belongs to a German guy named Horst Schultz. This guy had an incredible aim and he was able to shoot at a distance of almost 18 feet! and if he pointed his dick upwards his ejaculation reached 15 feet in the air and a flight speed of 40 MPH like a car’s speed in city driving.

Between 1850 to 1900 a Scottish woman named Anna Swan had the world’s biggest vagina. She was 7.3 feet tall and also her husband was a super tall guy 7’2′. They did have a son and at birth time, the baby’s weight was 20 pounds with a height of 33 inches. Damn. We all know that the head of a baby is the largest part of an infant and the cranium of Swan’s baby was 19 inches in circumference therefore Anna Swan’s minimum vaginal opening was at least 6 inches.

Johan Falcon

Jonah Falcon who is an American writer and Actor has the biggest dick in the world with 9.5 inches when it’s soft and 14 inches when it’s fully erected. He was obviosuly asked to join the porn industry several times but he said no. He did have an appearance in a British documentary about biggest dicks in the world.

So there’s definitely some records to keep in mind my friends. They will be hard to beat for sure!

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