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6 Tips To Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a condition where a man is unable to keep his dick hard during sex. A lot of men have this problem and it’s very common these days, not only for the old folks but also for young and middle-aged men. The condition can be caused by many factors, among them relationship stress, some medication, alcohol, smoking, and drugs. As expected, many men judge themselves harshly when it comes to sexual performance. Failure to accomplishing the mission, so to speak, can be an absolute nightmare for any man and understandably so.

However, remedies for this condition do exist. There are several options including surgery, implants, prescriptions, and the one most men prefer; natural remedies. Check out this article to know how you can gain your sexual desire and performance without using a blue pill.

1. Herbal viagra

Herbal Viagra, known as Ginseng, specifically “red ginseng” is a perfect solution. It’s called red ginseng when the root has been steamed and dried. Remember the ginseng root is part of the plant that is commonly used in its supplement form. Gowever there is an issue here. This vegetable has to be grown for at least five years, but sex experts have shown that the herbal Viagra is definitely a perfect remedy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Herbal Viagra

2. Start walking

You MUST start walking every day. At least 2 miles. Walking, not running, for two miles on grass, hiking trails, nice green areas has proved to significantly lower the risk of ED especially for the overweight guys. Obesity is a major factor for impotence, meaning a man with big large waist has a much higher chance to get the condition compared to a guy with a smaller waist. What are you waiting for? Go out for a walk.

Start Walking to Help your erection

3. Eating right

How you live and what you eat has an effect on your dick’s erection. Let’s be realistic here. Eating junk food every day is not only bad for your body in general but also not good to prevent ED. Eating a balanced diet can help with this problem. Don’t eat foods with high cholesterol such as burgers, fried food, shrimps, ice creams. Other lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, less alcohol intake and reducing stress levels.

Eating Right

4. Drink water melon juice

Eating some watermelon has the ability of not only cooling you down during summer days. It contains amino acids known as Citrulline that helps blood flow to the penis which we all know means an erection. Studies confirm that men who used the Citrulline supplement showed significant improvement to their erectile dysfunction and reported better sexual performance. I find this an excellent solution for your ED problem. You may also buy the supplements in any pharmacy.

5. Go easy on the fapping

This shouldn’t surprise you. Watching a lot of porn and playing with your dick a lot can numb a man’s senses and increase the chances of getting ED. Porn provides more of the same sensations you get during sex, and this may affect your ability to achieve and keep an erection during real sex. Too much sex stimulation is not good. The penis is a muscle, if you use it too much it gets tired. Porn exposes the brain to larger doses of stimulation and each day you might require more extreme porn to get an erection. Reducing watching porn from your life will help the brain normalize and this may be the key remedy you are looking for to achieve and maintain the erection.

Go Easy with Fapping


6. Don’t stress

Stress is the worst of all cases. Your brain produces energy and resources to the parts of the body that are critical to that situation. This leaves other parts of the body system that are not critical to the stress situation, such as your dick with no attention and protection. When your penis doesn’t get resources from the body, then getting a full erection is literally a mission.

Try not to get stressed


ED is men’s worst problem. This article can help you get your erection back in a natural way. Don’t be scared, be yourself. You will feel good once you will solve this problem. I guarantee you.


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