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How to get laid

How to get Laid

Some guys might not agree but I believe they are wrong. A lot of girls are ready to have casual sex with a man they like. Back in the days, you would not get anywhere near a woman’s skirt if you were not married. Today, many things in society have changed. Women are now open to trying out different guys before choosing the right one. If your goal is to fuck some of them during this process, then you have a good chance of scoring.

Socializing is the key


You need to start to know people. Socialize with people in general, not just people you want to fuck will help your sex life go up like a stock. Many seducers in history were not the best regarding looks. Some of them were actually ugly but social.

In order to fuck, you need to understand how people give signals and when. A master seducer will know where to look. Rather than waste your time with every pretty woman you see, look for people who are looking for you. There is no need to waste your energy when it could be put to better use elsewhere.

DTF Girls (Down to fuck)

Down To Fuck

DTF stands for Down To Fuck for guys who don’t know. You will find these girls in bars.  If you talk to a girl inside a bar and you feel she’s not into fucking tonight, then just turn around leave, don’t waste your time and money in buying drinks. You can be a God in seduction, but there are women who are just not interested in having sex with you. Why? She could be in a serious relationship, sober, or too drunk (even if being drunk is a good sign). Maybe she is on her period.

You must know how to look for a DTF girl.

First, they are dressed to impress. And they will do this to fight off competition from other girls. If a woman is not properly dressed, don’t even bother. You have zero chances of fucking her. The idea is to get laid as fast as possible, remember?

A woman looking to get fucked will be looking around to attract the interest of potential fuck mates. People naturally look at things that interest them. If a woman keeps looking at her phone and texting, it means she has other things on her mind. Stay away from her and don’t waste any of your time.

She will touch your back. If she appreciates your touch, very well. If she touches you back? That’s excellent news. You are likely to score some pussy later.

Try to Isolate her

Try to isolate her

Now that you have identified your target, it’s time to isolate her. Isolating is your best best chance of getting laid. Even if you won’t score thrilling sex, it’s the best way to get to know her, which is where it all starts anyway (remember the first point?).

If you see that the girl is giving you problems when trying to take her to a corner of a bar or in a more quiet area then that is a problem. If she is not willing to move with you, drop her…just leave, fuck this. A girl may look DTF, but if you can’t get her to walk, then it’s not worth the effort. Don’t waste time if things are not working out. This is not a hot date, you not looking to be a nice guy. You are there to fuck right now and that’s your goal.

Push towards sex

Push to Sex

Ok let’s say you isolated her and what now? Now, this is the part where things get a bit tough. Let’s say the two of you are at the back of a bar. You managed to isolate her, but now you have to try to be a little pushy.

After initially isolating her from her cockblocking friends, start relentlessly pushing the interaction towards sex. It’s called sexual escalation. This will set the tone for interaction. You will inevitably encounter some resistance, but keep pushing. You may use the two steps forward one step backward mentality. Hold that ass, try playfully kissing her. You know the drill. From the time you manage to isolate her to the moment, she parts her legs, keep at it. Unless she gets up to leave or threatens to call the fucking cops.

Last minute resistance is to be expected in random hookups, but she knows sex is on the agenda. It’s only a matter of when. If it takes days, don’t waste your time.

Time to fuck!!

Time to have sex

You are in bed with her, it means she is into this. She may bang, or she may not. Be pushy enough, trust me, she will.


This formula works very well. Next time you in a bar, remember this article.You will know what to do. While at it, visit some of our cam review pages to check out some hot bitches.

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