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Travel the world by making homemade porn videos

do porn to travel the world

Kim and Paulo claim they are living the life they have always dreamed of. By selling their own sex videos, this couple who met during a threesome are making enough money to be able to travel world. Kim, 23, and Paulo, 28, say they connected at a party after taking part in a threesome. Kim revealed it was their “exhibitionist natures” that ...

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Top Milfs in Porn Industry

The best Milfs

  A lot of guys today are into young and pretty girls. But this doesn’t mean that older women should be disqualified. We have all come across big titty, nice round ass, hot legs MILFS from time to time when we walk in the streets. A MILF (mothers I’d like to fuck) is a great thing and there is something ...

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How to purchase a porn membership and save

Best discounts from coupons.xxx

As a true porn lover, I am pretty sure you have come across those low quality 4-5 minute clips on those big tube sites that will leave you hanging on the edge after each video to search for another to get you off. Many of these tube sites display ads of the major porn producers that offer membership most of ...

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How long does the average man last in bed

Jerk off to last longer

Today LiveCam-Experts.com seeks to answer one question that not many people have a clear answer. That question is, how long does the average man last in bed? After watching too much porn, there is a concern for men to last longer in bed. It has forced men who feel like they don’t last long enough to feel very ashamed of ...

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Porn Sites That Accept Bitcoins

Porn Sites That Accept Bitcoins

There has been rumors that unconventional markets have been using Bitcoins to purchase drugs and other illegal materials (weapons, for example). Also, this currency has been widely accepted in the gambling world.  However, the use of Bitcoins has recently spread into one industry that is considered as a ‘taboo’ but which you all secretly love. In the recent past, the porn ...

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Sex in the Future

Sex In The Future

Scientists and sexual researchers have come to a pretty interesting conclusion! They are saying that by the year 2050 more people will be choosing to have sex with robots than with real humans. Of course I can see why some people find this a troubling thought, but it’s interesting because it will enable people to get exactly what they want ...

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Sex During Period

Period Sex

So, your girl is in a not pleasant mood and so you think that means a week of no sex and a disappointing of a partner. Well, that’s a bad stereotype and it’s just not true. There are many reasons that sex on the period is a good thing, and there are many reasons you should give it a try. ...

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XXX Books About Porn

The Hardest Man in ShowBiz

Most of porn watchers aren’t really known for being book savvy, but maybe we would all read more books if we knew that there were some that were all about porn. There are quite a few sexy books to check out that will give you a good idea of what it is like to be a hot lady in the ...

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Best Mobile Apps for Porn

Planet Pron Mobile App - best apps for porn

The porn industry has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Back in the days, there were only VHS tapes that were available. Luckily today, with technology, you can access adult content quicker and easier. You can stream and download porn all you want, and in HD.  If you are looking for the best apps for porn to ...

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Spot the Gold Diggers!

Spot The Gold Digger!

Well, let’s face it – There are a lot of gold diggers out there. They can be of any age range. From their 20s to even over 50 and they are all the same. They want your money. They want to be spoiled, pampered, being taken care of and mostly they don’t want to work. Most of them look really ...

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